Some Common Carpet Problems

Carpet is a great all purpose flooring to have in your home. It looks great, is comfortable and is very affordable compared to other types of flooring. It is not without its share of problems however. Read this article and learn about two of the more common types of carpet problems.

One common type of carpet problem that typically affects higher end carpets is called pile reversal. Pile reversal is caused when the carpet fibers actually shift. You have probably noticed that carpet appears to have a dark side and a light side depending on which way you look at it. When pile reversal occurs you can see what looks like a dark section on the carpet usually in the pattern of a wavy line. It looks a little like a water mark. Pile reversal can not be fixed and is not considered a defect as it is a natural trait of carpet.

The other common problem with carpet is traffic lane gray. This occurs when the carpet fibers are worn down from foot traffic. The traffic wears down the carpet fibers changing the way it reflects light. Since it no longer reflects as much light it appears darker. This results in traffic lanes that appear dirtier than the rest of the carpet. If you get up close however you will see that it is actually not dirty at all. Traffic lane gray can also not be corrected as the carpet is damaged. You can help prevent it though by vacuuming often and rearranging your furniture to change the wear patterns in your home.

As I said earlier, carpet does have its share of problems. Most of them are minor however and many can be avoided with regular maintenance. Good luck with your carpet and remember to have it cleaned by a professional on a regular basis.

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